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Established in 2020

Who We Serve 

Our Non-Profit Organization focuses on mentoring and being an effective Life Coaching group that services our community's social and physical needs.

Our general audience includes underprivileged, underserved families and individuals in the Washtenaw/Wayne County area. Through an application process and scholarship program, our clients will experience both universal education to include faith-based training techniques that envision success on a larger scale. 


Leadership Certification Training & Development

Half-Step Programs

Elderly Transition Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Spirituality Coaching

Seminars, Workshops, and Camps

Publishing, Media & Manual

Program Planning

Leadership Incubator for Entrepreneurs

Traveling Support & Agents


To utilize coaching and mentoring techniques that creates...

New Beginnings

New Behaviors

New Languages

Changed  Mindsets



New Life


To implement goals and strategies that blue prints a promising future. It is designed to produce wealth, health, and create building blocks that work on all levels of wholesomeness and growth.


Designed for people who are charismatic, self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control, living without fear, acting the law with the belief of sovereign power, and knowing right is right. We empower fearless individuals who can take on the challenge of overcoming obstacles  Our staff produces Visionary Acceptance Solutions for Highly Trusted individuals (VASHTI Model’s) who are motivated to moving forward in life without stagnated growth. We build up with words that create success.​

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build, create, and improve the welfare of individuals by making dreams into reality. We respect individualities and build on diversity by incorporating the Golden Rule policy and Teamwork Success strategies. Where everyone is someone in the mind of equality that is designed for humanity and forming to Lead by example. We implement creativity and strategize a promising future for growth. We don’t tear down we build up! We build on value and respect.


We are strong because we believe in our creed, mission, and vision. We are united in building stronger and better people through leadership communications that motivate growth. We are certified, qualified, and trained to deliver our product of services. We build on humility, integrity, and trust. Where growth comes through production and practice until perfection (an excellence strategy that works). We see value and produce value, which makes our company unique. Our focus is on executing quality. 

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