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Tools & Techniques

We understand that sometimes you may not want to reach out directly for services, or you are unable to meet with a member of our team right away.  As we recognize time constraints and comfortability issues, we have created this place just for resources. 

Please let us know of any topics you would like to hear about, along with additional support. YOU WILL ALWAYS REMAIN ANONYMOUS!

Emotional Stability

when we think of emotions, oftentimes we think of the basic things," Happy, Sad, Angry, Anxious". To be clear about how you are feeling, being able to communicate exactly what you are feeling is ESSENTIAL. Next time you cant put your finger on exactly what you are feeling, be sure to use this chart. 

Feedback VS Criticism

Whenever we receive commentary from others about our status, performance, or overall being, it's natural to become defensive, even when someone may be wanting to help. Take a moment to recognize who is making this statement and what exactly is being said. After that, take the good with the bad & take flight on the amazing journey of growth with YOU! 

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