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Welcome to Black History Month with VASHTI!

Welcome to a special month with team VASHTI! On this page, we will be posting some great things about the past generations, present innovators, and future greatness! Check-in often to join us all we celebrate all things BLACK!

National BHM Theme: Black Health and Wellness

Nationwide, we celebrate the importance of health and wellness amongst the entire Black Community. With that, we must thank the past and present doctors, nurses, therapists, and support staff of those that help keep us intact when we need it most. 

With that being said, we want to send the reminder that Mental Health is just as important as physical health. With your mind, you are able to control every step, turn, and decision that is made. In order to move in a way that is delightful, the mind has to be prepared. Here are some tips & tricks to keep your mental health at a high standard!

1. Take the time to laugh

2. Track gratitude and achievement with a daily journal 

3.  Practice forgiveness

4. Reach out for help when life gets tough


Poem: Black Is Beautiful 

Sharon D. Brown Rogers

Black is

Black is as beautiful as a bed of milky white clouds.

Black is as beautiful as soft as a newborn baby hair.

Black is as beautiful as standing up for what is right.

Black is as beautiful as trying on grandmother's classy hats.

Black is as beautiful as you and I saying Hi!

Black is as beautiful as two sisters walking hand in hand.

Black is as beautiful as wading in a pond on a hot summer day.

Black is as beautiful as you holding your baby for the very first time.

Black is as beautiful as saying I miss you.

Black is as beautiful as going fishing with your dad.

Black is as beautiful as calling your mother on her birthday.

Black is as beautiful as two brothers playing basketball.

Black is as beautiful braiding your sister's hair.

Black is as beautiful as grandpa taking you to the park.

Black is as beautiful as the sweet sound of a saxophone playing.

Black is as beautiful as eating mom's never-fail caramel cake.

Black is as b​eautiful as the bright rising sun.

Black is as beautiful as a simple kiss placed on the forehead.

Black is as beautiful as lilies on Easter morning.

Black is as beautiful as saying I love you.

Black is me and I AM BEAUTIFUL.


Black Success: Whipped By Chu

As a young woman looking for a plan, Trinity has taken her passion for doing hair to another level. She has always been able to create a style that her friends and family would love, and she is now ready to share that gift with the world!

As Whipped By Chu starts out, She has created an Amazon Wishlist that she would love additional support on. She can’t wait to see her dream become a true reality! She is currently taking clientele in the Metro-Detroit area along with tips and advice!

Iconic Trailblazers 

Although we all know of Rosa Parks, The VASHTI team would like to introduce you to Claudette Colvin. At 15 years old, she was the first woman to refuse to give up her seat on the local bus for a white woman. For this action, she was arrested and charged. As a teenager, she was just viewed as a defiant minor, but when Rosa Parks took this stand 9 months later, the world heard the cry of so many! Ms. Colvin, we thank you for being independent at such a young age and standing up for what is right. 

Music Central: Motown

Founded by the iconic Berry Gordy Jr, Motown Record Corporation has been a true hit for so many artists around the globe since 1960. The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Ne-yo, Tiana Major9,Quality Control Music, and so many others have signed with Motown and done incredible things. Not only has Motown discovered talent, they were also the first record label to drop a "Charm School" that focused on allowing children to not only learn about music, but also get a feel of it first hand. Music is such a beautiful gift, and this BHM we are thankful Motown's contribution to music!

Black Success: Joshua Harris

Dedicated, Determined, and led by faith are just a few things you notice when being around Mr. Joshua Harris. While being an excellent role model in his family's church, as a worship leader and an active member in the youth department, he has made a name for himself as well. In High school, Josh was able to successfully obtain his associates degree in Business Administration and hold the role of Student Ambassador & Black Student Union President for Washtenaw Community College. Now, at 20 years old, He is a full-time student at Eastern Michigan University with a double major in supply chain management and Marketing. Here at VASHTI we admire the tenacity that this young man holds, as he continues to do great things!

#Black Lives Matter

The movement Black Lives Matter, although started 8 years ago, holds weight that is fresh and will last a lifetime. This organization, which all started from a hashtag, focuses on both the positivity of being black and the importance of coming together when turmoil directly affects the community. With all of the things being not only sensitive to speak on but real in their entirety, the BLM team has also taken on the initiative of educating Non-Poc as well, with topics including the struggle and stress that African Americans face on a daily basis and how they can assist when these things are present rather than making a situation worst. Today, there is so much unity needed and #BLM has been at the forefront for so much of it. 

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